Obstetrics Care

Our goal is to provide our patients with the best prenatal and post-partum care. The health of mommy and baby (or babies!) is our number one priority.

We offer the following obstetrics services:

  • Cerclage

  • Co-manage patients with:

    1. Diabetes

    2. High Blood Pressure

    3. Preeclampsia

    4. Preterm labor

    5. Bleeding disorders/thrombophilias

  • Genetic screening

  • Pregnancy after one or multiple miscarriages

  • Prenatal care for low and high-risk pregnancies

  • Post-partum depression

  • Twins/multiple births

Patient Testimonials

“I recommend Dr. Mamdani to every and anyone who needs a OB/GYN because of my excellent experience having him as a doctor. He's very kind and understanding and very encouraging... always has great advice to give. Dr. Mamdani was my doctor for both my pregnancies and he delivered both my kids and I could not imagine anyone else as my doctor. You're well taken care off if you choose him I guarantee you!”
— Verified patient on vitals.com

“This was the best doctor I have ever had. Dr. Yusuf was so kind and very professional. He made me feel at ease and gave me peace of mind that me and the baby will get the utmost care. His staff, everyone was so nice. Can't wait for my next appt! Thank you so much!! :)”
— Camille S.